guides for our humans

Water is on for the season (only on the small dog side while grass grows on the large dog side)

  • This is your dog park to enjoy with your canine friends. Please treat it kindly.
  • Park rules are posted as you enter the fenced area of the park and also on this webpage. Please take time to read and become acquainted with them
  • Always have a leash on hand. If a situation seems to be developing between two dogs or a group of dogs, you want to be able to loop a leash over your dog's head, lead her/him away from any potential conflicts, and move to a place of safety.
  • Dog parks aren't the best place for small children, as dogs can view their running and quick actions as something to chase. Any children that are brought to the park must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Gates do not close on their own; please be sure to pull them all the way shut when you enter and exit.


rules for all species

Please respect all creatures. Even Humans.

This area is dedicated to fun and exercise activities with your dog.

Dogs may run off-leash, under voice control, within the confines of the fenced area.

The park is NOT responsible for injury or damage; enjoy at your own risk.

Dog waste must be cleaned up by the owners immediately and disposed of in the receptacles provided.

Dogs are required to be leashed while entering and exiting the park.

Dog owner MUST remain in the park and keep their dog in view and under voice control at all times. 

No dog or human food is allowed. No smoking is allowed.

Aggressive or excessively barking dogs must be removed.

Owners will fill in any holes made by their pets.

All dogs entering the park will display current rabies vaccination tags.

No female dogs in heat are allowed in the park.

Owners are legally responsible for the behavior of their dog/s at all times.

The park will coordinate enforcement and trespass issues with the Minocqua Chief of Police


About Us



When you visit the Lakeland Area with your beloved pups, be sure to stop by and let your dogs stretch their legs in the safety of this 1.65 acre fully fenced dog park. There is a separate area for small and large dogs. We are located at 9863 Plaza Drive, Minocqua, WI. From downtown Minocqua, take Hwy. 51 North to Hwy. 70 West. Follow Hwy. 70 to the second set of lights and turn North onto Northridge Way, then turn West onto Plaza Drive.



The Park gets heavy usage.

We have approximately 10 parking spaces.

Please refrain from parking on the street.

Thank you 



Lakeland Area Dog Park Hours: 

  April thru September - 7 am to 8 pm

October thru March - 7 am to 6 pm 

Our Location

Do you have questions or concerns about the rules in our park?
Send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Contact Lakeland Area Dog Park

Lakeland Area Dog Park

9863 Plaza Drive, PO Box 380, Minocqua, WI 54548, US

(715) 892-4848

Park Hours

Lakeland Area Dog Park Hours: 

 April thru September - 7 am to 8 pm -- October thru March - 7 am to 6 pm